Hanging Out in Your Closet

You spend a lot of money on your clothes, so they should hang well in your closets. What will make that work? You need the correct hanger!

  • Hangers that are wood and curved are perfect for suits.
  • Cedar hangers help repel pests such as moths and absorb excess moisture,
  • Padded hangers are for delicate knits, evening wear and special outfits and
  • Multiple and tiered hangers work well when space is at a premium.
  • Colorful tubular hangers are useful for designating types of clothing
  • Multi-tiered pants hangers help sort out scarves and belts.

It is a great feeling when your closet “lines” up with all the same height hangers.

– a timeless article selected from a past edition of our Interior Design “Defined” newsletter

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